I was born in Cleveland and though I moved out of state at an early age, the love for Cleveland never left me. I always made it a point to wear shirts that showcased Cleveland no matter where I lived.

It was early in college when I first discovered that I wanted to create t-shirts focused on Cleveland. I attended Ohio University where I studied printmaking and graphic design. While developing design skills the desire to create for my hometown grew from a here-and-there hobby into a full-on addiction. After graduating, I knew Cleveland was the place I wanted to be, so I worked my way back to town through a handful of graphic design jobs.

In 2015 I started Kay-Em Apparel with the goal of creating unique, fun and relatable t-shirts that can spark a conversation between two strangers on the street.

In addition to apparel, I also create stickers, magnets, enamel pins and screen printed posters.